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Against The Grain

Located inside New Haven’s enormous Goffe Street Armory, this site specific installation seeks to render a vast interior space measurable without detracting from its sublime mystery. The building’s structure, dimensions, and decaying surfaces are the raw material. Deteriorating floor boards were removed and suspended from a steel truss to form two chevron shapes, evoking the building’s past as a military post. The narrow space between the chevrons is just wide enough for visitors to walk between, allowing them to dwell within the building’s very structure. Each board is connected by white mason’s line to its home in the floor, where replacement boards have been toothed in. Three miles of string were used in tracing the floorboards to their origins. Shallow Studio was commissioned by Artspace as part of the annual event City Wide Open Studios, which showcases artists all over New Haven. 

In collaboration with Andrew Sternad.

Read an article in the New Haven Independent about the project and the event here.

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