cipro 400 iv

Chicken Coop

Undergraduate design studio, Washington University, 2008.
Professor: Derek Hoeferlin
Teaching Assistant: Eric Cesal
Students: Alla Agafonov, Nick Berube, Lizzy Bochner, Claudia Bode, Zhan Chen, Leigh Heller, Kathleen Johnson, John Kleinschmidt, Andrew Stern, Aaron Williams.

Studio blog: NOLA Recipe

A pre-fab chicken coop for God’s Vineyard Cmmunity Garden in the Lower Garden District in New Orleans. Prefab panels are framed with perforated steel angles and sheathed in Polygal twin-wall plastic. Concrete boots anchor the coop to the ground, operable louvers and overlapped roof panels provide ventilation, and the nesting box is saddled on the side so that eggs can be gathered without entering the coop. Sliding doors and a roof of red painted corrugated steel panels give this coop its iconic form.

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