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Gallery House

A long gallery – a typical New Orleans conditions in many shotgun houses – stretches from the street to the backyard. This multipurpose gallery organizes the entire house. Front steps pause at a stoop, then continue to the front porch which includes a lift for potentially physically challenged occupants. After the porch is the front door, which opens to a dining and entry area. Facing the front door is a pair of glass French doors that open to an insect-screened outdoor dining area. Beyond the insect screen is a private porch with large sliding glass doors leading back inside. At the rear of the house, the porch narrows to allow a flight of stairs down to the ground level. The gallery terminates in a live oak tree.
Along the length of the gallery is a wood screen which offers privacy and shelter from the western sun. The gallery, as sheltered outdoor space immediately adjacent to bedrooms, dining, and living spaces, is a zone into which those rooms can expand, in some cases doubling their size. Steps, stoop, lift, porch, threshold, indoor dining, outdoor dining, private porch, stairs to backyard, garden, extensions of interior living spaces…the gallery is ALL these things.

Gallery House was developed for a design competition sponsored by the USGBC and the Salvation Army for the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans. In collaboration with Andy Sternad, John Monnat, and Zach Gong.

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