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Part Time Passive

We live in New Orleans. We know how hot it gets here, but we also know how pleasant it is for more than half the year. Sometimes it’s 65 degrees on Christmas Day. Wouldn’t a breeze be nice?

A passive house in New Orleans only makes sense part of the year. At the peak of summer and depth of winter, a tightly sealed building envelope ensures super efficient cooling and heating. During the spring and fall, temperate weather and seasonal breezes are a resource that vernacular building forms are designed to tap. The shotgun camelback — narrow for cross ventilation and tall to create a heat stack effect — combined with ample outdoor living spaces is the perfect shape for a New Orleans passive house.

Part Time Passive was developed for the design competition Passive House for New Orleans, sponsored by Design By Many, in collaboration with Kenner Carmody and Andy Sternad.

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