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Urban Farm Hut

The Urban Farm Hut continues Washington University’s involvement with God’s Vineyard Community Garden (see Chicken Coop). We (John Kleinschmidt and Andy Sternad) were approached in 2010 by a group of undergraduate architecture students seeking a spring break design/build project in New Orleans. After settling on a project at God’s Vineyard, Sternad and Kleinschmidt prepared a program and site information for the students and held a design review in St. Louis. Funding, space and time were all limited, so careful planning in advance helped make the most of the student’s time in New Orleans. The hut is a garden pavilion sited next to two citrus trees and includes storage space for tools, seeds and animal feed; a place to gather; seating; and a sheltering canopy that collects rainwater.

Washington University Team: Francis Aguillard, Lily Cheng, Donesh Ferdowsi, Kyle Huninghake, Parker Keyes, Sam King, Ashley Nault, Kevin Privalle, Natalia Roberts, Lyn Wenzel, Nate Smith (WU faculty).

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